Preconception Care

The next series of visits will be fairly tailored. Depending on your personal health situation, we may go through these topics in a different order and with different levels of priority.

Through a series of individual appointments and group classes, women will learn about the things they can do to optimize their health prior to conceiving and throughout their pregnancy in order to maximize their chances of having a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. This is a free program for patients who will typically be seen over a period of 2-4 months. A sample series of appointments might look something like this:

VISIT # 1 - Health history and introduction to preconception care

  • We will discuss your past and current health, pregnancies and plans for future pregnancies
  • I will introduce the idea of preconception care and the different areas we will cover
  • I will provide you an 8-page questionnaire to complete about potential risks in your current environment

VISIT #2 - Physical exam and testing

  • General physical examination
  • We will discuss and arrange any testing that might be necessary 
  • You will return your completed questionnaire to me

VISIT #3-4 - Review Questionnaire

  • Over a series of 2-3 visits, we will review your questionnaire together. 

VISIT #5 - Management of current and/or chronic health problems

  • Recommendations regarding smoking, alcohol and drugs in pregnancy
  • Management and impact of any diagnosed chronic diseases in preconception period and throughout pregnancy
  • Weight management as required 

VISIT #6 + Lecture - Optimal diet and nutrition 

  • Review of your current diet
  • Recommendations and practical advice for achieving optimal nutrition 
  • Discussion of supplements that may be required

VISIT #7 - Air quality

  • Discussion about why clean air is of great importance
  • Review of indoor and outdoor pollutants that you may be regularly exposed to
  • Information on how to secure clean air

VISIT #8 + Lecture - Personal care products 

  • Identify toxic personal care products you are regularly using and how they can be harmful
  • Discussion of effective, available alternatives

VISIT #9 + Lecture - Electrical environment 

  • How to identify and eliminate risks from your everyday electrical environment 
  • Recent research on the effects of regular cell phone and other technology use in pregnant women 

VISIT #10 - Pregnancy

  • identifying peak fertility in a woman's cycle to maximize chances of conception
  • Options for prenatal care and delivery in the Edmonton area
  • Overview of medical care throughout pregnancy and labour