Preconception Care

Dr. Rebecca Genuis

Dr. Rebecca Genuis, MD, CCFP, was born and raised in Burlington, Ontario. She attended McMaster University where she first got her Bachelor of Health Sciences. She went on to attend the Michael DeGroote School of Medicine and obtained her medical degree. During this three year program, she was at a medical conference and heard a physician speak about his practice of Environmental Medicine. Intrigued, she visited Alberta to spend some elective time learning about this cutting-edge field of medicine. While working in his clinic, she learned some of the ways in which physicians can target the root causes of diseases in order to help people be well. After two weeks, Dr. Genuis had found a new side of medicine that she was certain she would incorporate into her future practice.

After completing medical school, she married an Albertan man and moved out west, where she began her family medicine residency through the University of Alberta. Dr. Genuis found that she enjoyed caring for women through their pregnancies while continuing to be fascinated by the field of environmental medicine. Upon graduation, she felt preconception care was the area in which she could make the biggest difference and combine her two passions.

Dr. Rebecca Genuis has written for several medical journals on topics ranging from preconception care, nutrition and environmental health to medical ethics. She is passionate about educating women to make healthy choices for themselves and their future children.